Friday, November 23, 2012

Maximizing Wort Extraction From Your Grain Bag - VIDEO

Today's video demonstrates the technique described several posts ago that I use to squeeze the most wort out of my grain bag.  As always, your comments and questions are welcomed.

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Have you measured the volume difference of wort extracted between you old draining process and this new one?

I've heard that squeezing the grain bag releases extra tannins into the wort, and that a gentle rinse is preferable. Have you noticed anything in the final flavor of the brew related to the presence of unwanted tannins? Any extra astringency in the flavor? Any greater "pucker" factor?

Hi Marcos, No, I have not experienced any astringency from squeezing. You need a temperature above 170F and pH over 5.6 to coax the tannins out of the grain husks. I have not entered any contests with my beer yet, but several experienced brewers have evaluated my beer and given it the thumbs up!

John Palmer's book How To Brew discusses this:

Thanks for asking!

Hi Tom,
I have not done any measurements to compare the difference in volume extracted. Recently, I have been using 2 5 Gallon paint strainers instead of my huge voile bag, and I'm beginning to think that might be better than squeezing, as more of the grains are in contact with the bag, and the wort in the middle of the bags has less distance to travel to get out.

Also, 2 smaller bags is easier to lift than 1 big one!

Thanks for asking.

No squeezing the bag won't add any tannins or a "Pucker Factor". You really have to boil some of the husks/grains before you will pull any tannins into your beer.

I have squeezed the s&%# out of my bag in the past, but Iv'e really given that up these days. I don't think that I get any more than an extra pint of wort and I really doubt that the major "squeeze" gives me any significant efficiency boost. I simply roll my bag up onto a 2x2 with a cross member on it. Give it just a quick squeeze, and feed the grain to the chickens!

The exception recently was an all grain Barleywine. SO much grain that it was necessary, i felt, to get that extra Quart or so of wort from that big grain bill. I really worked it.

BagBrewer have you been to ?

Hi Tom,
I certainly am aware of! I read over the new posts almost every day.

Lots of good information there. Love the Aussie's! They are the trailblazers for homebrewing!

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