Monday, June 11, 2012

The satisfaction of brewing

 Well, my oldest son got married to his wonderful and beautiful new wife this Saturday here in Maryland.  My contribution guessed it....3 kegs of homebrew:  2 of a Blue Moon clone, and 1 of Yuengling clone (my first lager).

I had it all brewed in plenty of time, but struggled to figure out how to serve it.  I did not want picnic taps strewn about a table, so I copied an idea I found on (referred to as a it), and came up with this:

It's a simple box made from leftover laminated shelving.  I sanded it to rough up the surface so the spray paint would stick.  The drip tray is a plastic heat vent from Home Depot ($6 I think).  I trimmed down the height of the sides that go into the duct, and then cut a piece of leftover flashing to size and caulked it in place on the bottom. It needs to be deeper for next time...another project!  Since my son is in the Air Force, I thought the F-16 tap handles would be a nice touch. These are die-cast and came from Toys R Us ($15 each).

To clean out the fittings and beer line, I dismantled it a bit, but here are some other looks at it:

The wedding was awesome, and we all had a great time.  I received several compliments on the beer.  One guy who talked to me has been brewing for 7 years, and he could not believe I only had 1 year under my belt.  He loved the Blue Moon clone as did his wife.  He has been using extract kits, and I took the opportunity to evangelize about BIAB.  Maybe he'll find this blog and go "single vessel"!

I had some concerns about the Yuengling lager clone, as I mistakenly put it in to my refrigerator to begin lagering before all of the fermenting had completely stopped.  When I first tasted it, there was a real butterscotch aftertaste.  My local brewshop owner, Tom suggested that I simply take it out of the frig for several days and let the yeast eat up the byproducts causing the off-flavor.  Sure enough, that really helped to clean it up, and I got compliments on it as well.

 So today I'm relishing the satisfaction of having watched my son begin his married life and basking in the warmth of knowing my beer was a success for the big event.

Oh yeah....and only one of the two kegs of Blue Moon clone was consumed, so I've got a full one back here at home for me!

Cheers all!